Hawkestone Crossfit Stories

Hi, I’m Mike – most people call me “Mehow”. I joined Hawkestone Crossfit April 2013 and I can honestly say that it’s the best decision I’ve ever made. Prior to joining I would hear a few friends talk about their “WODs” (workout of the day) at the Crossfit gyms they go to and boy was I intimidated. When I was asked to go try a Crossfit gym I would respond “Oh I’m working out at a regular gym and I’m trying to do Crossfit workouts” Let me tell you something … I wasn’t doing ANYTHING close to Crossfit workouts. And here is why, I was missing the equipment, space, I didn’t know the technique and MOST IMPORTANTLY I didn’t have a coach (Elma Ducic).

I stepped foot into Hawkestone on the grand opening day March 30th 2013 and it was loud, exciting, fun, everyone was cheering … I decided to give it a try. I looked on the board and it said “Angie – 100 pull ups, 100 push ups, 100 sit-ups and 100 squats” Thank God it was a partner workout. For the next week I was sore but instead of going back to my regular gym I decided to sign up at Hawkestone.

Hawkestone Crossfit has become an essential part of my life, I was never particularly good at any sport therefore never played on a competitive level. Since joining Crossfit I’ve competed in two team events at the UG series competitions, my team didn’t place first but we gave it our all and competed against athletes from across Ontario. I’ve also changed my eating habits and did the Paleo Challenge. These are all things that would not have been accomplished without the amazing community at the gym and the support of the coaches.

Special Thanks to Elma for believing in me, pushing me and continuously making me #addweight

– Mike

Honestly words can’t really describe the feeling of joy and awesomness (I know it’s not a word ? ) that Hawkestone Crossfit brings me. From my early age I never really loved working out, I did spinning, bootcamp, kickboxing, P90x…you name it I tried it but this is the first time I have truly found a work out that I love. It has become like an addiction, as many of the members of this gym say…the best part of our days and what we really look forward to is coming to Hawkestone and getting our butts whipped into shape. So thank you to an amazing coach who pushes me each and every day to work harder, do better and be a better person. Thanks for taking the time to appreciate each of our milestones even if they are a small (like doing a proper squat) and really showing me that you can love working out. To all the members of this gym who make the workouts so much fun and enjoyable, the sense of community that Hawkestone Crossfit has I have never seen anywhere else. So here is to all the future milestones that I will achieve like a pull-up and hand-stand push-up!!!
Truly thank you from the bottom of my heart, I feel like I have another family at Hawkestone.

-- Larisa


What can I say? I’m sooo happy I found a place that truly shows commitment to their members. You guys go beyond a fitness industry! You guys inspire, encourage members to push themselves to go beyond their best! We members get challenged each and every day to give our best, and in the end we see amazing results! :)))

You guys offer all kinds of workshops , from nutrition to improving our performance in training, all geared to achieve our best!
Words alone cannot express how happy and hopeful I’m feeling right now! Being a busy mom of 3 boys, I let myself go for a few years, and the weight just kept creeping up and getting stuck to me. I look back at old pictures and wondered what happened to me? I was somewhat healthy and fit until I had kids … I was feeling very depressed, until I came across a living social deal to join Hawkestone Crossfit for a month, it was the best thing I did :).
I have joined other gyms, and even paid for personal training but never got results like this! Hawkestone isn’t your regular gym :), it challenges you daily, it motivates you, it inspires you to push yourself to do your max :).
I am going into my 3rd month and I have come such a long way already :)! I have way more energy to keep up with my boys, and the compliments I get from family and friends, especially hubby are priceless :). Everyone wondering what I’m doing and all I say is “I kick my ass 3x a week at 6 am lol, it’s not easy at the beginning, you just have to push yourself, then you get into a routine and its my time, for myself to do something to make me feel and look good! I say “Crossfit and trying to eat clean, Paleo to be exact” I’m not perfect, but I do try to do my best, weekends are my “cheat cheat”, relax time, but Monday through Friday I’m all hard work, towards my ultimate goal ?

-- Maria


Great box, great energy, great people even greater COACH!This is the place to be to get your sweat on! Staff and members are likely the most inviting and friendly people that you will meet. This is not merely a gym but it is a community where you work with everyone to achieve your ultimate best!

My years of paying for unused gym memberships was finally over once I tried Hawkestone Crossfit. Elma Ducic, the head coach, is not only inspirational but knows how to push you to get the results you’ve always dreamed of and leaving you wanting more.

Elma has given me more guidance and support than any other coach and has given me my passion to become “less lazy” and pursue a healthier lifestyle. She’s managed to take my competitive nature to the next level with her knowledge and skills.

Unlike other CrossFit Boxes, Hawkestone has large change rooms and showers for those, like myself, rushing off to work after. With several scheduled class times it is a guaranteed that you will be able to get a workout into your daily routine.

This place is MUST! Elma Ducic and her staff are the heart and soul of this place! You won’t be able to find any other box like this one.

Julie Lee

Hawkestone is a great facility and one of the best CrossFit experiences you’ll ever have. Forget about the stereotypes, Hawkestone is a friendly and inclusive gym where absolutely everyone is welcome. Workouts are skillfully programmed by Owner and CrossFit Games athlete Elma Ducic, all of which are challenging for any athletic ability. Elma is a fantastic coach, I have personally learned so much from her both as an athlete and coach. Although I have moved away, I will take everything I have gained from my experience at Hawkestone with me and continue to recommend this amazing gym to all my friends and family.Thank you Hawkestone for the memories!

Kelsey Miller

Hawkestone!!!…. Well a few of my friends and wife and myself got sent there when the CrossFit that we were at closed down. It was a blessing in disguise because not only do you have everything you’ll need to WOD but the coaching staff is amazing and actually care about teaching you Crossfit the right way. From newbies to everyday lifters there is always someone trying to help you improve. I’ve seen nothing but gains in everything I. Hawkestones the real deal!!!! But best of all Hawkestone has something other boxes don’t have.. Our head coach Elma. Not only is she amazing at coaching but also has turned everyone there into best of friends.. Hawkestones a must..

Ricky Galvez

October will be 1 year that I walked into Hawkestone Crossfit feeling very nervous that I was entering a new box. I wasn’t sure if I was going to like the environment, coaches and the workouts. The moment I walked in I was greeted by Elma and all the members. Elma was coaching that day and I remember looking at the WOD on the board and saying to myself “that’s the WOD?!?!?!”. I’ve been doing crossfit for 4 years before going to Hawkestone thinking that my WODs before were intense…..nope I was wrong. I sucked it up and tried to keep up with class and Elma pushing me harder through the WOD. When it was all done I knew that this was the place for me, surrounded by people who had the same compassion for crossfit and a coach that wants to see you succeed and pushes you to your limits. That day I dragged myself out of that class, but I kept coming back. 1 year later I have improved dramatically with my lifts and WODs. I’ve made friendships and memories that will last a lifetime. Elma you have pushed me to my limits and I thank you for that. I couldn’t have asked for a better coach especially one who jumps in the WODs with you and feels the same pain your enduring. Hawkestone crossfit, I laugh with friends, I cry through the WODs and I want to give up, but Elma makes sure that I don’t. Thank you Elma I couldn’t do it without you.

Samantha Lopes

I’ve been a member here for over 2 years now and I don’t think I’ll ever leave. Elma and the rest of the coaches at Hawkestone Crossfit have not only made me a stronger person physically, but mentally as well. Elma the owner trains just as hard as she coaches! She pushes you beyond limits you thought you had. If you don’t show up for a couple days she will call you to see what your excuse is and get you back on track.At Hawkestone we are FAMILY! We train hard together and party harder! You’re not going to find many gyms who will have BBQs, Hip hop dance classes, go out for Salsa nights, Xmas parties or plan a trip to Cuba together!

If you’re looking for an “average Joes” gym than look no further. Coaches and members all work together to make you feel welcomed and accepted.
Come in for a free class, if you want to become a better person and make some friends along the way!

Mike Scozzaro

I went to Hawkestone Crossfit after a 5 year hiatus from Crossfit. It took me weeks to muster up the courage to try again. I reminded myself how strong and liberating I had once felt training. It was such a distant memory that I was immediately reminded of the many times I had tried to go back since and how painful it was to fail. Over and over again. I could hear Ines’s voice in my head telling me that I was welcome anytime! That we all start somewhere. So, I walked in intimidated, ashamed, afraid and bracing myself for yet another failure. I did not get through the warm up for the on-ramp class before I had to run to the bathroom to throw up. I was winded. My legs were shaking and I had basically done no work at all. It was worse than I had expected, but it was about to turn around for me because it was also the first time that I met Elma. In a matter of a few weeks, Elma’s coaching helped me get through warm ups, strength work and WODs I did not think I would ever be able to do. She is an insightful and patient teacher on top of being a humble and kind human being. She has created a practical and safe plan for me to work on my fitness goals at a pace that is motivating and in a manner that makes sense to me. Helping people get fit and healthy is not Elma’s “job”, it is who she is. You can see the pride and joy on her face when one of her clients hits a milestone. After many years of struggling to figure out how to train and how to eat, I finally have hope and a chance to make real progress and it is to Elma’s credit. Anyone who has a fascination with fitness, who has an interest in being strong or looking and feeling great needs to make a trip down to Hawkestone Crossfit. Elma has created a community here that will make you feel welcome, respected and safe. You will work hard. You will do better than you think you can and you will make progress! Elma will make sure of it!.

Ayesha Shah

I have gotten into the best shape of my life since being at this gym. Aside from the physical benefits, being at this box has really boosted my confidence, self esteem and even social skills.The Head Coach, Elma Ducic, really has an eye for detail when it comes to good form and mechanics. People knock Crossfit for poor form but Elma won’t let you get away with that for the sake of repetitions or to have a faster time. I have learned so much from Elma with regards to performing movements correctly as well as progressions to work up to the final product.

The people and community are friendly and motivating. I love how the gym is one big group of friends without exclusion. Hawkestone Crossfit is a great place to train, get in shape and make new friends!

Also a big plus are the multiple bathrooms, large change rooms and showers.

Timothy Velez

I strongly believe its the coaches that make a gym and mark my words we have some passionate ones. Between Elma Ducic telling me to put on more weight, Timothy Velez to pull higher on my bar muscle ups, Akiko Parks showing me how to improve my front rack position and Mark Kamino being my motivation to improve my burpees I feel I am well looked after.

Jon Luyten

I am new to crossfit and have been coming here for 6 months. The experience has been amazing and the results unbelievable. I’ve become so motivated by the results and the positive comments that I have received from family and friends. The coaching, however, has been the most inspiring for me. The dedication and care towards the participants is very impressive! I would definitely highly recommend Hawkestone Crossfit!

Ron Ebeyer

Since I’ve joined this gym in 2013, Elma has changed the way I feel about my body, boost my confidence and given me the mental focus to get things done. The coaches are amazing! Not only are they motivational, but they will take the time to ensure everyone is executing good form and technique. The members of this gym are supportive, friendly and they make newcomers feel welcomed. If you are looking for a motivational, but challenging box, with great coaches and people, go to Hawkestone Crossfit!

Cyrille Viola